Most of our leagues are already full. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please submit the information requested below. This information will be forwarded to the respective league official.

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Day Time League # HS Openings
Monday 7:30 pm No Tap 3 H Full
Monday 6:30 pm Stone Rollers 4 H Full
Monday 11:50 am Foxy Seniors 4 H Full
Monday 10:20 am Dons 4-Some 4 H Full
Tuesday 7:00 pm Tuesday Mixers 4 H Full
Tuesday 9:05 am San Jose Nikkei Seniors 4 H Full
Tuesday 6:25 pm Glenns Friends 4 H Full
Wednesday 6:45 pm 815 Scratch 4 S Full
Wednesday 11:30 am FOD Seniors 4 H Full
Wednesday 6:30 pm Wild Cards 4 H 2
Thursday 8:30 pm Our Gang 4 H Full
Thursday 8:00 pm Ohana Summer 4 H Full
Thursday 11:50 am Leisure Time Seniors 4 H Full
Thursday 9:00 am Newcomers 3 H Full
Friday 7:30 pm Friday Mixed Trios 3 H Full
Friday 6:45 pm Casino Cash 4 H Full
Saturday 9:30 am Junior Coaching 3 H Open
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# : Refers to the number of bowlers on each team

H-S : Indicates a Handicap or Scratch league




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